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The installation of RXIE requires some information about the customization of Rational Rose through add ins. Please note that further information is made available with the on-line help of the product from Rational.

The components of a Rose add in

A Rose add in comes with:

  • An entry in the Windows registry under the path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Rational Software\Rose\Addins\<addinName>. The registry entries define, among others, the add in installation directory, the corresponding tool name, and GUI information.

  • A DLL containing the OLE server defined through the registry. This DLL is always Rxie.dll for add ins derivated from Rxie.

  • A “property” file with the pty extension, describing properties that may be assigned to various entities in the UML model. Rose properties are like UML tagged values. They are grouped according to their corresponding tool.

Installing the sample

RXIE comes with an add in sample. You can first test it as is before creating a new one for customization. Go under the distsample folder, and modify the following files:

  • installRxieSample.bat contains the target add in installation path, correct it according to your preferences.

  • RxieSample.reg contains the installation path, correct it with the same path as previously.

  • RxieSample.pty refers the path where XML and linked EMF files are to be exported, correct them according to your preferences (note: these are default properties, which can be modified after installation).

You can then run the installation bat file. You will receive messages from the system for the update of the registry and for registering of the DLL. To verify the result, launch the Rose tool, and open the “addin/addin manager” menu: you should see a checked RxieSample entry. If it is not checked, it is perharps because the path of the DLL file is incorrect. Also open the “tools/options” menu and check the tab “RxieSample”, you should see various default properties defined in the pty file.